As I noted in an earlier post, the All-Hands meetings are now monthly, and also include a review of what everyone has been up to for the last month, so here’s mine in blog form.

At the beginning of the month, I had just swapped back from working on our reasoner back to my regular iOS work. I fixed a few remaining issues with rotation and some of the views being skewed on the iPad. I also completed my work on implementing the preferences view, making sure that adding, editing, and removing each of the entered preferences were enabled and working correctly.

After finishing all of the debugging and implementation completion from previous work was done, I worked on creating the functionality for the Personal Info option in the Users view. It now pops up a modal screen view that allows the user to see and edit their current name, e-mail, and password information. This went through a few different approaches, ending up at the above interface.

Due to it being marked as critical, I began work on the View Recommendations interface, but this was quickly stalled because of the more pressing issue of creating the login screen, which was also a more logical next step after doing the Personal Info screen, which at the time just used a dummy user since there was no login yet.

I am currently working on the said login view. The UI itself was already created for iPhone, but was disabled a long time ago. I added some code to reapply the same layout, although it is called as a modal screen view instead of the previous method, which had it as a separate view controller that preceded what is now the starting view. After reactivating it, I went through and removed all of the old code to stop the page from crashing, and worked on making the view work on all iOS devices, instead of just being hardcoded for iPhone. This resulted in the above view.

Most recently, I’ve been working on the Create User functionality. It now successfully writes to a user object when the modal fields are filled in, and ‘logs in’ the user. Because of network issues, I haven’t been able to make this work with the actual server yet, but the Personal Info view pulls on the same object and so it at least acts the same as it will when complete with connectivity (just without the persistence between sessions…).

Next, I need to resolve my network issues and then implement the actual network calls and checking of the responses in order to add the full functionality to the Create User option as well as the Login option, which currently sends the request, but ‘logs in’ without checking the response. This is again since I cannot get an actual response from the server right now. I’ll also need to extend the same functionality to the Personal Info view, for when the user edits their account successfully.