Hm, forgot to post this yesterday. The last two days were spent fixing up the last of the previous changes and finalizing that they work, the preferences section. One thing that had not been done in the last iteration on them was making each area editable. This was fairly straightforward, where I just had to set up the initialization to take the existing data and start up that way. It got a little bit more complicated when returning, where it would add it, but would also need to remove the old entry.

My initial attempt to do this seemed to work, but caused several odd issues with areas seeming to disappear because of when I was removing cells and reloading the table. Fixing this did not remove all of the bugs, and also showed me another bug where it would remove the cell even if a new one was not added, such as if I simply cancelled the edit window. To fix both issues, I reworked when I was removing it to only happen on return, with conditionals for both cancelled and completed generators.

After getting this to work for the simpler food and wine preferences, it was pretty easy to extend my changes to the recommendation preferences as well. After fixing that, making sure it works on both devices, and fiddling with the timing to make the transition smoother, the preferences looks good now.

Another issue that popped up was from Evan’s testing, where he is currently working on a new split view of the menus, which has been floating around for a while but is finally being implemented (a week before it needs to be shown, no less). Because of the incredibly annoying way the multi-cell view does not receive the autoadjust, it had to be tweaked carefully for each orientation on each device, using a series of conditionals. All of this is further complicated by the new layout, which introduces yet another view on top of it as well as a different view size to boot. Basically, it all broke again. Evan said he would take a look at it, because he wanted me to focus on the next area, which is to create a Personal Info view, where the user should be able to view and modify their username, e-mail, and password.