Trying to quickly finish the existing issues with the multicell displays and preferences stuff so I can get started on the new tasks. The multi-cell work went fine, which is probably because I’ve gone to war against it so many times that I’ve pretty much memorized which issue, section of code, and fix is needed for each error. Just needed to resize it on iPad, because it worked on iPhone, which is probably what made it slip past me the first time. The menu view had some additional rotation issues where there were really weird resizing issues when coming back from the Twitter window, but I had already encountered the same type of problem before and quickly fixed that up.

Hoping to look at Preferences tonight/tomorrow, where I need to make the various options editable and also do a final check of everything to make sure no lingering bugs are around. Wednesdays are always unpredictable because I have unpredictably long meetings for my SD&D project and I still need to finish up some other assignments for Friday, so we’ll see how it works out.

Today’s All-Hands meeting was interesting, although most of it didn’t really apply to me such as budgeting and travel changes. They are moving them to a monthly meeting because they felt that the time wasn’t really being used well, what with people reading e-mail and such. I admit that I was actually working on Wine Agent during the meeting, but I was paying attention! They’re going to try to have status updates from everyone at that time as well. My only thought about the idea was that it seems like the meeting is going to overload now. It will take time for everyone to give their update, and then I assume that presentations will all be compacted as well, but I guess we can’t know unless we try it out.